Sunday, May 11, 2008

Best Kids in the World

My (our) kids are the spice in my life. They make it more sweet and savory than any other thing/person I know. I just said to my sister, Janelle, "Do you remember what you did before there were little ones running around your house?" I honestly, don't really remember what I did with my "free" time. Even then, I felt that I didn't have enough of it. Now, when I have free time, or a day alone, I get lonesome for my kids. This is a good thing.

Here they are:

Jeffrey: who likes to be called by his full name, not "Jeff". He's 9 and loves all knock-knock jokes, even the ones he makes up. He is just starting to think tooting is funny. His 6 year old brother is catching on to that more quick than I would like. The little sister is also starting to follow. Holy cow...what's next? Jeff likes to pretend to be in a scene from a movie/cartoon. He loves acting. We, the parents, are trying to navigate through the thespian world to plug him into appropriate venues for his talents. I am not counting on fame and fortune, but would like him to hone his talents as they fit him. This has been one of my dearest prayers for my children, that we would be able to recognize our children's talents and open doors for them to do what they were created to do.

Maximus, who goes by Max or Maxer: he's a bodacious 6 year old boy. He needs to be in wrestling and football. He will tackle anyone who looks like they should be tackled. As you can imagine, this has gotten him into hot water from time to time. But, mostly, it's a good thing. He likes to write stories and poems and draw pictures. He hates changing what he's currently doing and really hates to dress up. He has a twin, his cousin, Connor who is 4 years younger than him. They look similar, have the same likes and dislikes and pretty near the same personality. Both are a joy. Max will give hugs and cuddle any time of the day. He's hard to discipline because he gets this twinkle in his eye, and I have to stifle a smile. He is a happy boy. He loves life.

Emma goes by Em or Emmer: she is 4.5 going on 9. She likes to be the boss and is the family watch dog. Little Jesus, is what I call her. She even knows when I'm driving too fast. It's kind of a bummer at times. More mommy guilt. She is a cuddler and a sweet heart. She loves babies. Doll variety, animals or the real deal. She's very excited to have a new cousin, who should be here any day now. She loves to dance and sing, color, play catch, bounce a basketball and ride her bike. She will clean anything for me. And she just threw up, so I have to log off. Kind of a funny ending to a wonderful Mother's Day. See you later!